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February 12
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Frustratingly Adorable by Lana2452 Frustratingly Adorable by Lana2452
This is supposed to be "Kid Asks Maka Out (Pt. 3), but I figured that the particular title is a little dull, especially for five straight strips... so I'm renaming them. Hope this doesn't cause any confusion. 

Pt. 4: You're here, dimwit
Pt. 5:…

Hoping to get a better title for this one up soon.

You would not believe how long this took me to make. Usually, I can crank out these cute little cartoons quickly, but usually then, its four or so panels with a max of two characters per frame, so this... My hands are sore. This was genuinely funny to me when I scripted it out and while I was drawing it, but I started it at ten am today and I've only stopped to eat or go to the bathroom since then, if that gives you an idea of just how long this took me to do. I'm a hardcore comic-artist. So because I've been immersed in this so long, I'm not sure if its funny any more... that, and I'm really tired. I'm sorry for complaining so much, anyways. The joke might get a little stale towards the end- I just wanted to wrap it up.

ITS PART FOUR AND I AM JUST NOW DRAWING MAKA. How odd is that? I had to up the usual cuteness factor I draw her with, because of that adorable uniform. If I had thought of the basis for this idea alone ( :iconzaiduck: helped me out) this would basically become my excuse to draw Maka in that outfit, because she's just too cute... I love you Maka! XD But really... it looks nice on her. I experimented with the hairstyle a little, because when I sketched this first, the pigtails didn't really work as well as I had hoped for. So an odd sort of ponytail. Sweet. Kid's outfit however- that sucks. I was honestly running out of outfits featured in official manga or anime promos that I hadn't already put him in. Thankfully, I managed to pull out this one from a random doodle Ohkubu did as a filler for Soul Eater Manga Volume 2 or something. But Blackstar... I was waiting to draw him in this for a while! I love this outfit, even though it added extra time to draw. Details suck.

Blackstar tells jokes not only about Chuck Norris, but about him pulling an anime-Asura and exploding upon punch. Sounds about right. Kid is sitting there regretting agreeing to this. He blushes practically the entire strip. Why do I like drawing blush so much? Special thanks to Patty for buying a giant stuffed giraffe. It must look pretty epic, to have to been expensive enough to force the girls to get part-time jobs. If it hadn't been for Patty and that giraffe, I wouldn't have had an excuse to draw the Deathbucks uniform.

I feel the need to discuss the universe of where this comic takes place, since I will keep serializing it even after the "Kid Asks Maka Out" part finishes. Basically, Kid has an extreme case of the crushies on Maka, because I find it easier to milk comedy from something like that. Maka may or may not like him back, but if she does, she's either really casual about it or figures there are better ways to spend her time than oogling over the guy she likes. She's also kind of oblivious to the fact that Kid likes her. Tsubaki, Liz, and Crona are oblivious as well, I want Patty to ship it, Soul to cockblock it, and I'm not quite sure whether I want Blackstar to be the ultimate cockblock or the ultimate shipper to this... maybe both.

My rant on this is still decently long, buy not as long as I expected it to be, considering I basically wasted a day making this strip. Eh. I'm tired... So I'm going to sleep now, and when I wake up, I'd better get a ton of faves and watches (because you know you want it. *wriggles eyebrows*) and comments arguing whether you think Blackstar is more of a cockblocker or a shipper. I would also like suggestions for a better name for this comic, because "Frustratingly Adorable" does not seem good enough. So... comment. Now.

Do it.
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zaiduck Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I love you for making this comic, it's even better than I imagined! :iconloveloveplz: Black*Star is just a cockblocking shipper, he's in it for the chase and putting his OTP in hard times! 

Maka is absolutely adorable, and you said you don't write her in character, you portray her perfectly! And Panel 4 is my favorite! Kid is all like "Not. Another. Word." and Black*Star is just "Dude, get your hand off of me." Plus, Black*Star's Chuck Norris tale is just perfection! :D

Lana2452 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks so much! Blackstar is confusing like that, but I think that you hit the nail on that... Yeah- he just wants to make everything more interesting (and difficult) for Kid and Maka.

I'm just afraid I accidentally made Maka too kawaii. Heh... Whoops. "If you value your life you will shut up. IMMEDIATELY." Pretty much what I think is going on. God- thanks! I originally drew it having no idea what they were talking about, but I just sort of wanted them to be in conversation, but when I was doing the digital editing on the strip, my sister sent me a Chuck Norris joke she found really funny and I was like, "That's it!"

Sorry that I took forever to reply, by the way... This has been sitting in me notification center for a while with me being like, "What do I do with this?" Sorry.... :iconmedusa-sweatplz:
zaiduck Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Now it's my time to apologize for taking so long to reply! Life just got in the way and then when I am online I usually play Sims or get on tumblr. Speaking of Sims though! I tried to screenshot it, but Kid sent Maka a love letter saying to picture them together and such! Instantly thought of you! :D  Unfortunately I have no idea how to screenshot with those letter things. Still working on my Soul, Crona and Maka (w/ Ragnarok puppy) family, then I'll work on Kid, Liz and Patty and Black*Star and Tsubaki. I wish relationships didn't take such a hit in the Sims 3 when it comes to changing partners, but I could make some KidXMaka photos without it affecting my CroMa couple. Ugh, my mind has been on a whirlwind on different pairings it's exciting! Still love my CroMa so much though.

You made Maka super adequately adorable and I'm so glad for everything that led to punching Chuck Norris and having him explode Asura-style! Black*Star is just a shipper who craves drama!
Lana2452 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha. I'm working really hard on a project right now, and then there's this thing with school getting in the way. Yeah, my online life is hard to get around to replying to sometimes. And lol yeah- I hate that too. One time I made a sims 3 account with the cast of Soul Eater, and after some time I got Soul to start dating Liz. But because I couldn't think of too much to give him when I set his personality in the beginning, he had the trait 'Innapropriate'. Little did I know that when you set the free will on high, an inappropriate Sim will literally just go around and kiss the bejesus out of everyone... I left for a few minutes to take a shower, and in that time I found out that Soul had made out with Maka, Kid, and Blackstar. Needless to say, everyone was angry....
zaiduck Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconmonkeylaughplz: Imagining Soul just running around just kissing everyone just cracks me up! Like a drunk, he is. Ugh, I have so much to work once I go to the DtK household (Called Kids with Guns), just found out Liz and Kid are dating because I was finally going to work on Soul and Liz and... :no: Terrible. And Liz keeps calling Crona to go out on dates and Patty calls Soul for dates and Kid keeps calling Crona and Maka's daughter Aria for dates! I'm just like, guys! Keep it in your pants, you don't need to be dating all the time! I just don't understand Sims 3 with that "Let's make it so you are very punished if your Sims "cheat" but let's make the Sims just horny as heck!" :iconnotimpressedplz: 
Lana2452 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It ruined so many of my ships... One thing I found out though was that sims try to go more for the people that they do activities around, so Liz seemed to like Soul after I sent them out on like an hour long virtuoso dance party together, and for some reason in my sim-verse, Tsubaki keeps having these wishes to make out with Crona. I don't even know why....

I just wish that on the next version of sims, you could like set crushes or partner preferences when you first make your sims so you don't end up with some freaky crazy ships that you reeeeeeally don't want. Right now though, these characters are a little too pervy. Like you said, "Keep it in your pants."
RachelChanxoxox Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014
Black Star comment about Chuck Norris X'D

Honestly, Maka has grown quite a bit... just saying... 

This made my day life!

Lana2452 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I feel like he found Chuck Norris jokes on the internet and decided to adopt them as a religion, where he surpasses god (aka Chuck Norris).

Yeah... I accidentally gave her boobs... I was trying to account for the fact that the material for that part of the shirt is kind of loose and the waist-thingy below it is sort of forming a fold, but yeaaaaah.... Accidental boobs, not that I think Maka would mind.

And I'm glad to hear that- it means a lot to me! ^^
RachelChanxoxox Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
No, I mean literally, she got boobs at the end of the manga! (Which I'm sure she won't be complaining about XD) I mean her breasts are still small but it's a huge improvement from the beginning of the series!

Omg I love Chuck Norris jokes!
Lana2452 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha, I'm glad to hear about that! Unfortunately I'm still at a stage in the manga where she is still flat chested, but good for her! Hopefully now Soul and Blackstar will tease her less about it.

Me too! I actually wasted ten bucks on a book full of them. XD
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